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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings. Good SEO will help your website come up earlier on searches in Google and other search engines. Experience has taught me that best approach to SEO is to consider your goals from the start and follow through with a plan.

The first, and arguably, most important step in creating good SEO is to create relevant and well thought out content, particularly copy. From there, I offer my clients a basic SEO package including:

  • Suggestions of content to include that will increase search engine ranking such as a blog and video
  • Basic optimization including strong titles, keywords and descriptions researched and specific to each page
  • Options for pay per click or other paid aids to SEO
  • Client training including how to add SEO for blogs, specials, and other new website content
  • Creation of a site map and submission to search engines
  • Development of a realistic plan for ongoing additions of new content
  • Ongoing monitoring of results via analytics

The second most effective task to increase rankings is ongoing creation of new content. Keeping your content new and relevant provides a big boost in SEO and draws repeat traffic to your site. I can help you create the content, train you (or your employee) to create it yourself, help you monitor the results, follow up with you and re-evaluate your plan on a regular basis.



I am so pleased with my website. And apparently it’s is coming up higher on search engines. As soon as it was up, I started getting an average of three new calls a week just from the website! It has helped my business grow and was absolutely worth the money spent on it.

I can’t recommend Beehive Design Studio highly enough!

— Robert Gibbs, Owner, Redwood Coast Painting