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I can work with you to create a new website from initial concept to completion. I can also update, make adjustments to, and help you maintain your current site. You do not need to be website-savvy to work with me. Nor do you have to know exactly what you need to fulfill your marketing goals. I can meet you on your level, listen to your needs, research options and together, we can design and implement a successful plan.

Here are some of my abilities:

  • Work within your budget
  • Work in CMS platforms such as WordPress
  • Develop your site directly in the current standards of HTML and CSS
  • Reserve domain names and establish website hosting
  • Create content for your website including copy, photography, videos, slideshows, animation, etc.
  • Design your site using the Responsive Web Design approach so that it will look and function well for desktops, mobile phones, and tablets and will have higher Google rankings
  • Develop and implement overall strategic plans for SEO, analytics, social media strategies, and email campaigns
  • Establish new email accounts or setting up email forwarding
  • Develop e-commerce solutions including PayPal and credit card transactions, integration with your business software, purchasing SSL certificates and a host of other features
  • Create blogs that clients can update themselves and easily post in other social media outlets
  • Test your complete site for speed, mobile-friendly features, and other specific tests using Google web developer tools
  • Create specific landing pages for marketing outreach including initializing QR codes
  • Capture client information using specific forms
  • Creat custom web banners
  • Edit and manipulate images in Photoshop

By the way, if most of the terms and information on the page are unfamiliar. It's okay. I can recommend several books on each of the previous bullet points. Just kidding. My goal is to explain only enough to help develop a successful website for you… without making your head spin.